Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Finished AEG-77 Vigo

And here is the finished ship. It truly is a beast! Enjoy!


  1. the model looks super good! i dont know how i feel about the paintjob... looks a bit bland, even with all the little details you have put in there... that isnt to put your paint skills down because i can clearly see the effort that went into the details but it doesnt look as menacing as the artwork i found... the overall look of the model is definitely 10/10 though!

    1. In some ways I agree with you but this is the way the commissioner wanted it. Still, I don't let the paint job bother me, the real star here is the actual model and what a model it is! I built the thing and sometimes even I have a hard time wrapping my head around how good the finished product looks.

    2. I just found your model and i love it. Is there a way to somehow buy it from you?
      If possible you can contact me via mail on

  2. This is amazing. I played Star Wars Galaxies from beginning to end and I made this ship my home as soon as it was available. How can I get one of these figurines from you? Send me an email at